Kim Youngblood 2

Bart Knies 2

Jeff Gill 2 

Kevin Cecil 

Tony Strange

​Jeff Raymond

Bill Bartram

Sam Montgomery 2

​Tom Weeks 4

Registered Cooks

Don Byrd

Lisa Hill

​James Gambrel

Mark Phillips
Scott Gardner

John Herrmann

​Jeff Chadwell

​Randy Worley

WhaT Cooks Should Bring

_Extension Cord(s)

_Cooking Tools/Utensils

(Spider, Adj Rig, Pizza Stone, Cast Iron Pots/Pans, Cutting Boards, Knives, Spoons, Tongs, Spatulas, Thermometers, Gloves, Etc.)

_Fire Extinguisher.  Some will be available.

_A small tent if you want to stay out of the sun or rain.  

_Plan on having 30-50 samples per dish.

What is provided

_Big Green Egg with DFMT

_Bag of Charcoal

_Starter Cubes


_Gallon Jug of Potable Water


_1 Table per cook station

_Plates, Napkins, Forks and Spoons

Cooks Will Have

_Access to water

_Access to Shaded Tent

_Access to electric-Bring Extension Cords

_Access to Portable Toilets

_Access to Water Hose

_Access to Ice

​_Access to Trash Cans

September 29, 2018     -     Corbin, Kentucky

Tim Barnes

​Jeff Parks

Steve Tolliver

Mel Chandler


Cook's Info